2014.03.25 | 4.59 pm

Check out this video of a call for all humans to realize we need to act to save the planet.  Unfortunately I think we about 5 billion people over the limit at the current time.  And I don't see us realizing this and coming together to solve this.  

2014.03.25 | 4.14 pm

The word of the day from Merriam Webster is a cornicopia of beer naming prowess!  Check out the latest word of the day, that would be perfect for an odd batch:

opusculum   \oh-PUSK-yuh-lum\   noun
: a minor work (as of literature)

Event the root of this word could be a great beer name!

  • Amnesty International
2014.03.17 | 1.28 pm

Yesterday I attended two events with polar opposite foci, and I connected them with a bike ride on a cold and windy march day. 


In the early afternoon, I attended a workshop on Winter Sowing.  You can read all about the process here:

  • Bees!
2014.03.12 | 3.55 pm

I pulled the trigger last week, and ordered two hives of bees from Mann Lake Ltd.  We will soon be in the bee business! 

  • Casket Cinema hosts Wilbur Ince and Mark Wojahn
2014.03.03 | 5.34 pm

Since 2008, Mark Wojahn and I have been doing Casket Cinema.  Last month we showed Crafting a Nation, and got interviewed by Cyn Collins of KFAI's 10,000 voices.  

  • The Day we fight back against Mass Surveillance
2014.02.10 | 10.29 am

Tired of Mass Survailence from big brother? Want to stand up for Net Neurtality and internet freedom? Go to https://thedaywefightback.org/ and participate in The Day We Fight Back.

  • Crafting A Nation
2014.02.05 | 7.17 pm

This week, Mark Wojahn and I are presenting Crafting A Nation at Casket Cinema.  We'll have a slew of special guests: