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After a couple of Drupal installs today, I thought it would be awesome to see the wall feed from the Casket Cinema show up on the website at Casket Cinema.  But NO GO.  Seems there are lots of permission issues with this on the Facebook side, so it's just not possible in the current configuration.  Then again, we would be able to replicate our feed and take the Facebook visits (and ad revenues) out of the equation.  Maybe next time!

Our New Affordable Tea-Party World!

Welcome Home.  Here's what our unregulated America will look like!

We have to STOP wasting our money on agencies like the EPA, what they hell are they doing besides wasting our money?  Please take a look at the photo and realize what will happen.  We will have no protection, no recourse, no air to breath.  

Can we afford the EPA?  Can we afford NOT to EPA!


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