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Unite for human rights in Iran on February 11th


Unite 4 human rights in IranHere's a link to Amnesty International's action campaign for Iran on Feb 11th. There is some terrible stuff going on there, and your voice can help change that situation. If you really want to make peace in the Middle East, work to bring justice to common people there. 

February 11th is Victory of the Revolution Day in Iran.  Equivalent to the Fourth of July in the United States, it is a day commemorating liberty, independence and freedom.  But the Iranian government has long violated these rights and is responsible for numerous abuses including torture, arbitrary arrests, censorship and the most recent execution of two activists accused of inciting the post-election protests on June 12th – even though these men had been held in detention long before the violence erupted. 

Since blogs and websites like Twitter and YouTube were virtually the only way the Iranian people could expose the horrific treatment being inflicted on them in the days following the contested Presidential election, we expect that Iranians will turn to the Internet once again to carry their messages. That is why we are asking everyone to show their solidarity online on February 11th – whether it’s on your blog, website, or social networking profile.

Stand with us to ensure that Victory of the Revolution Day signifies an end to these abuses!

Forever Plastic


My friend Cheryl passed me a link to a documentary about Plastic.  Of all the 'recycling' and 'save the planet' tyoe movements, I think this is the MOST IMPORTANT.  Plastic pollution will be THE greatest remembered catastrophe from our in-the-moment generation.  (Besides using ALL the oil on the planet?) 

Anyway, here's a great look at what we are doing.  This really kills me, as in my life I can recycle everything EXCEPT plastic.  This is so painfully obvious, as ALL of the trash generated from my house is plastic.  (more on that next time)

The Impossible Hamster


This is so good I have to share this with you.  I don't subscribe to an economist view of the world. After all, I am a humanist which makes me by nature NOT an economist.  That is I see things in terms of being, rather than just being an agent of consumption and production. 

The point here is that the REAL issue behind the hampster is not unrealistic economic assumptions, but the unrealistic human population growth assumptions.  Anyone out there that is awake?  Houston we have a problem...

Bling Trees


Made it out in the woods today, up in Plymouth doing some geocaching in Fazendin Park.  The folks up there are a little 'different'.  Here's the view from the bike path!

[inline:10-01-24-cache-stop_001_Large.jpg]     [inline:10-01-24-cache-stop_002_Large.jpg]

War Hawks: Franken and Obama


Hawkes of a Feather...Double depressing news from two 'progressive' leaders today.  It seems our freshmen President and Minnesota Senator have been washington-ized into the operations of the corporate war machine. I think they both resoundingly qualify as Hawks:

Hawk:  one who takes a militant attitude and advocates immediate vigorous action; especially : a supporter of a war or warlike policy


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