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Birthday Bars

Friday night was a big hit!  We broke 4 beer glasses - at least, and finished off one 5 gallon keg of Brownie Brown Ale.  There are just a few glasses of the Spring Pale Ale, and about a half gallon of Saison remains.  That means we drank about 6 cases of beer here on Friday. 

Here's a photo of me and Chandra and the birthday sheet of bars.  I don't know what kind of bars, I did not get in line in time! 

Thanks to everyone who came by and made this such a great night.

Happy birthday to me!


605 IPA


BeerTools Pro Color Graphic

This is the third beer in the Summer of the Single American 1056 yeast pack.  I racked this beer over the yeast cake from the Spring APA. 

There are some obvious advantages to this - like an instantaneous fermentation, and a massive starter for your batch of beer.  The downside is that you pass a lot of trub from batch to batch.  AND if you get bugs, you will have them 6-fold on the next batch. 

Summer Snow


Yesterday night I got down to the Mississippi river gorge in Minneapolis on an evening geocahing mission.  It was like winter in June with 70 degrees!  The big river cottonwoods were loosing their cotton and it was collecting in the quiet of the gorge.  I don't think I have ever seen it this thick before, usually it blows away. 

[inline:090602-summer-snow_001.jpg]     [inline:090602-summer-snow_002.jpg]     [inline:090602-summer-snow_003.jpg]

Garden View



Here's the garden update for today.  Dry Dry Dry.  Seems that the eggplant were just too small to take the transplant.  Since we have not gotten any rainfall since we planted, the garden needs daily watering.  Hopefully the Spring rains come soon. 

Here's the daily farm report from Gary:


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