War Hawks: Franken and Obama


Hawkes of a Feather...Double depressing news from two 'progressive' leaders today.  It seems our freshmen President and Minnesota Senator have been washington-ized into the operations of the corporate war machine. I think they both resoundingly qualify as Hawks:

Hawk:  one who takes a militant attitude and advocates immediate vigorous action; especially : a supporter of a war or warlike policy

I would add to this definition the fact that these people have never actively served in the military.

Star Tribune: Franken expresses support for Obama’s Afghan troop increase

Recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan, our previously uncommitted Senator Franken is now backing Obama’s plan and is “cautiously optimistic” about the war’s progress.

This is very disappointing as we now have the same result from Franken that we would have gotten from Norm Coleman.  Maybe I should just 'feel' better about it since Mr. Franken is a peacenik?

  • What happened to diplomacy? 
  • What happened to alternatives? 
  • What happened to the hard left line that Mr Franken portrayed in the campaign when he mentioned WELLSTONE?

How about these options:

  • For every Soldier we send, let's send a teacher, engineer, plumber, etc, to help rebuild their country.
  • For every Dollar we spend on military operations, let's spend a dollar on infrastructure, education, and rebuilding.  

Why aren't we sending 30,000 civilians? 

President Obama to Request Another $33 Billion for Unpopular Wars

Today the Associated Press reports that President Obama “plans to ask Congress for an additional $33 billion on top of a record request for $708 billion for the Defense Department next year.” 

This is from the same president that ran on a campaign promise to close Gitmo, and get us OUT of Iraq!  Maybe if we send $33 BILLION more we can win the war in Afghanistan?  What will that look like? 

This from the same president that said the wars are putting excessive strain on our economy.  Maybe we need MORE strain right now? 

This is very disappointing as we now have the same result from Obama that we would have gotten from John McCain.  Maybe I should just 'feel' better about it since Mr. Obama is a peacenik?

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