Ubuntu 10.10 Day 2


Like anything in life it was ups and downs today with the new operating system.  There was no chance to use during work today, but afterwards, I took some time to get the docking station and huge monitor working.  It actually worked for a while, but in the end, I could not get it to dock and undock with the big monitor on my desk at work. 

The ups- bluetooth support in Ubuntu far exceeds XP!  It just worked right out of the box, no new drivers to install, no updates - something that my XP configuration is still dealing with, and still not working right. 

Judging the Awesome Sauce - The BJCP Approach to the Drupal Brew


This is a call for trained and amateur beer judges! 

Our friend MortenDK did the good work, and brought us the Awesome Sauce.  Don't we need to support him with some reviews of this entry?

Please download the attached Checklist Judging Form, and get it back to me ([email protected]).  I'll compile the results and post the results!


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