Gitmo Again?


Remember last year when President Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay within one year?  Today (January 11th) is the annivarsary of the opening of Gitmo - 8 years ago.  The one year deadline set by President Obama is January 22nd, and it looks like Gitmo is still going strong! 

Amnesty International USA: TAKE ACTION NOW!

New Stuff Under the Hood


Today I finally got around to installing a new version of Drupal here on  This new version is a build of Drupal 6.15 from the Advantage Labs Drupal Repository.  This is an awesome build of Drupal, with a lot of built-in modules and features that will make your Drupal life a LOT easier! 

I'm working with Advantage Labs a lot for Drupal projects, it makes everything a lot easier when you have a shop dedicated to Drupal. 

Hiren's BootCD


Last week my friend Pwajdeur was over, and I gave him my copy of Hiren's BootCD.  I did not realize how useful that CD is, so tonight I had to go back online and get the newest version and burn another copy for myself. 

This CD has everything you need to find out what's wrong with your busted computer.  In short order, Pwajdeur and I were able to find out that the memory on his system was toast.

So here's the link to a free download site to get your own copy.  Just download, and burn to a CD.  Then boot to the CD to access tons of diagnostics and tools. 

705 IPA


BeerTools Pro Color Graphic

Spend the day at home, making a batch of American IPA.  I have been obsessed with American Pale Ales made with Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops.  The Chinook goes in as the straight bittering hop, and the Cascade/Centennial additions are added continuously at 10 minute intervals.  Today I used more Centennial because I only had a little Cascade left. 

Check out the comparison to the BJCP Style, the hop IBU's topped the charts!  Yeah, can you say hoppy?


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