Dirt Hauler


My brother is visiting from Flagstaff AZ this week.  He is Mr. Bike, a daily commuter and a multimodal transportation planner by day.  

So just 10 hours after his 5AM arrival here in the Twin Cities, I had him hauling dirt with me!  Here he is with a trailer full of dirt.  That's two old Minneapolis recycling containers fill, and two 5 gallon pails.  And this dirt was heavy, full of water from a few days of rain.  

Bike Sales Overtake Car Sales


Just a quick note about an article on Bike and Car sales in the US.  While both are suffering compared to 2008, bike sales outnumber car sales in the first quarter of 2009. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't look at numbers like this and hope for more consumption by car or bike purchases.  I do hope this is a shift of proportions that will continue as people ride bicycles rather than cars.



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