Bling Trees


Made it out in the woods today, up in Plymouth doing some geocaching in Fazendin Park.  The folks up there are a little 'different'.  Here's the view from the bike path!

[inline:10-01-24-cache-stop_001_Large.jpg]     [inline:10-01-24-cache-stop_002_Large.jpg]

Summer Snow


Yesterday night I got down to the Mississippi river gorge in Minneapolis on an evening geocahing mission.  It was like winter in June with 70 degrees!  The big river cottonwoods were loosing their cotton and it was collecting in the quiet of the gorge.  I don't think I have ever seen it this thick before, usually it blows away. 

[inline:090602-summer-snow_001.jpg]     [inline:090602-summer-snow_002.jpg]     [inline:090602-summer-snow_003.jpg]

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