2009.05.26 | 11.00 pm

[inline:090526-river-night-pix_003.jpg]     [inline:090526-river-night-pix_010.jpg]

Another midnight caching run and a few more photos of the river at night. 

2009.05.24 | 1.55 pm


2009.05.22 | 7.52 pm

BeerTools Pro Color Graphic

Welcome to the Summer of the Single American 1056 Yeast Packet!  My intention is to use a single yeast packet for almost of my beer brewing this summer.  How?  Easy, just reuse the yeast cakes from previous batches and replicate new batches from small samples of the existing batches. 

2009.05.20 | 8.30 pm


Old school baskets on Stevo's Raliegh 3-speed.

2009.05.20 | 7.00 pm

Organizers of this year's Ride of Silence here in Minneapolis got a BIG jolt as yet another rider was killed the morning of the ride.  Dennis Dumm died after being run over by a semi-truck. 

By the time the ride started, the route was changed to allow a visit to the site if the accident at 14th and Portland Aves in Minneapolis.  About 120 riders participated in a ride that also visited the sites of two other riders that were killed in traffic deaths last fall. 

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2009.05.19 | 6.02 pm

I just finished installing the new Drupal 6 powered website here at Wilbur.US.  It has been running on my local machine for the last two weeks, and today was the big push to get it installed.  The final push was to integrate the lightbox and inline modules to provide thumbnails with a full-screen pop-up window link for images.  Click on the image to see what I mean:

2009.05.18 | 8.00 pm


18 months and 5 days together.