Ubuntu 10.10 Day 2


Like anything in life it was ups and downs today with the new operating system.  There was no chance to use during work today, but afterwards, I took some time to get the docking station and huge monitor working.  It actually worked for a while, but in the end, I could not get it to dock and undock with the big monitor on my desk at work. 

The ups- bluetooth support in Ubuntu far exceeds XP!  It just worked right out of the box, no new drivers to install, no updates - something that my XP configuration is still dealing with, and still not working right. 

We are making screencasts at work for Drupal education.  Tonight I installed 'recordmydesktop', and was able to start making screencasts in about 5 minutes.  That's a terrible name for a software program, but it's simple and it works well.  I made a 2:30 video in ogv format, and the file size is just 13 mb.  Too bad free formats are - well - free.  If nobody can be taken advantage of, these open platform technologies get left behind.  That's why you never heard of ogg theora!