Global and Local Sunday


Yesterday I attended two events with polar opposite foci, and I connected them with a bike ride on a cold and windy march day. 


In the early afternoon, I attended a workshop on Winter Sowing.  You can read all about the process here:

There are starting to be lots of videos and articles about it, but we all should be looking at this for our gardens here in Minnesota.  Why?

  • your seedlings are ready and hardy because they are sprout outside
  • your seedlings will be ready as soon as the weather is ready for them
  • the seedlings arrival is regulated by nature, so it's perfect!
  • this approach requires NO external energy or fossil fuels
  • the containers are readily in our plastic-laden throw-away world

The event was put on by the local Longfellow Transition group.  That's the local part!


After that, I headed over to our local chapter meeting of Amnesty International Local #37.  We heard a great presentation about work being done in the Phillipines by some of our local members.  

Hearing these amazing stories about human rights violations around the world makes me want to really help out. We still have it pretty good here, but we must stand up for everyone's freedom!  Check out this amazing story about the great work of AI right here in the us!

Louisiana’s Longest-Serving Death Row Prisoner Ordered Freed After 30 Years


And it all get connected by my bicycle.  

Amnesty International
Winter Sowing
More Winter Sowing!
Even MORE Winter Sowing