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Webite Updates


Almost 4 years without any updates.  Disgraceful!  Working on getting caught up with a lot of things right now.  This website is one of them.  Will get up some new things soon! Here's what we did tonight:
  • New headline font - 'Black Ops One' a google font, tightened letter spacing and small caps
  • Drupal core and module updates
  • Added antibot module - to stop the seemingly continuous barage of website work emails

Countdown to the Future of the Internet!

Internet users: Spread the word.

Telling everyone about the vote is a key part of winning real net neutrality. We need your help to do just that. If you use twitter, click "Join with Twitter" below, and you can sign up to tweet once a day from now until the vote, or just once right before the vote. It's your choice. If you don't have twitter, then sign up with your email and we'll send you a list of different ways you can help.



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