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Here's the garden update for today.  Dry Dry Dry.  Seems that the eggplant were just too small to take the transplant.  Since we have not gotten any rainfall since we planted, the garden needs daily watering.  Hopefully the Spring rains come soon. 

Here's the daily farm report from Gary:

Our First Garden Video


Today we had our first major gardening session.  We have been in the planning stages for weeks, but today we hit the 'dirt' running.  Gary brought out the video camera and shot some footage and make a little video of our endeavor. 

Here's the link to the video:

Gary - Chandra - Wilbur - Pam Gardening Video

Here's a few screenshots of the action!

[inline:09-05-09-garden1.JPG]  [inline:09-05-09-garden2.JPG]

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