Facebook Feeds


After a couple of Drupal installs today, I thought it would be awesome to see the wall feed from the Casket Cinema show up on the website at Casket Cinema.  But NO GO.  Seems there are lots of permission issues with this on the Facebook side, so it's just not possible in the current configuration.  Then again, we would be able to replicate our feed and take the Facebook visits (and ad revenues) out of the equation.  Maybe next time!

Judging the Awesome Sauce - The BJCP Approach to the Drupal Brew

New Stuff Under the Hood


Today I finally got around to installing a new version of Drupal here on wilbur.us.  This new version is a build of Drupal 6.15 from the Advantage Labs Drupal Repository.  This is an awesome build of Drupal, with a lot of built-in modules and features that will make your Drupal life a LOT easier! 

I'm working with Advantage Labs a lot for Drupal projects, it makes everything a lot easier when you have a shop dedicated to Drupal. 

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