2015.08.21 | 10.41 am
Join us for a ride to HammerHeart Brewing in Lino Lakes.  20 mile ride from Fair State Brewing Coop to HammerHeart.   Meet at the brewery at noon, and ride at 1pm.  No needs for lights - right?!?  
2015.04.14 | 8.54 pm
For Earth Week, I'm joining the Nibi Walk on the Chippewa River in Wisconsin.   Here's the GPX route of our walk, in GPX and KML format. Read more about the walk on the Nibi Walk websitehttp://www.nibiwalk.org/
2015.02.03 | 9.24 am

Internet users: Spread the word.

  • Ready to Roll
2014.06.29 | 8.57 pm

Here's the latest BIG LOAD.  Chandra and I visited our friend Lori, and picked up TWO 12 foot ladders and found a firepit in the neighbor's trash!  It was a 5 mile load, but no troubles with the big trailer!  

Haul on!  


  • Martin pulling a full load of dirt
2014.06.21 | 8.31 am

My brother is visiting from Flagstaff AZ this week.  He is Mr. Bike, a daily commuter and a multimodal transportation planner by day.  

  • Trek 4300 v3.0
2014.06.20 | 8.46 am

I've been riding this bike in a few iterations, and this is the next chapter!

  • GPS Visualizer
2014.06.16 | 10.07 am

In the last few days, the Google Map interface has a completely new look.  Part of that change has rendered the GmapToGPX script useless.  It was already partially useless because you would have to enable running external scripts. This was an extra step, and required you to re-setup the map page you had just perfected.  

There is an easier way!