• GPS Visualizer
2014.06.16 | 10.07 am

In the last few days, the Google Map interface has a completely new look.  Part of that change has rendered the GmapToGPX script useless.  It was already partially useless because you would have to enable running external scripts. This was an extra step, and required you to re-setup the map page you had just perfected.  

There is an easier way!  

  • New garden box without dirt
2014.06.15 | 9.05 am
Farmer Steve and I have scrrounged up some awesome 2x10's for the new Pearson side-yard garden.  Here's a shot of the partially completed frame.  
  • 62 bricks in the bike trailer
2014.05.24 | 8.11 am
Here's a decievingly large load for the bike trailer!  That's 62 clay bricks in the trailer, and each brick weighs about 5 lbs = 310 lbs!  I moved then just a block from the end of my alley to my place.  
2014.03.25 | 4.59 pm

Check out this video of a call for all humans to realize we need to act to save the planet.  Unfortunately I think we about 5 billion people over the limit at the current time.  And I don't see us realizing this and coming together to solve this.  

2014.03.25 | 4.14 pm

The word of the day from Merriam Webster is a cornicopia of beer naming prowess!  Check out the latest word of the day, that would be perfect for an odd batch:

opusculum   \oh-PUSK-yuh-lum\   noun
: a minor work (as of literature)

Event the root of this word could be a great beer name!

  • Amnesty International
2014.03.17 | 1.28 pm

Yesterday I attended two events with polar opposite foci, and I connected them with a bike ride on a cold and windy march day. 


In the early afternoon, I attended a workshop on Winter Sowing.  You can read all about the process here:

  • Bees!
2014.03.12 | 3.55 pm

I pulled the trigger last week, and ordered two hives of bees from Mann Lake Ltd.  We will soon be in the bee business!