2011.12.13 | 4.11 pm
After a couple of Drupal installs today, I thought it would be awesome to see the wall feed from the Casket Cinema show up on the website at Casket Cinema.  But NO GO.  Seems there are lots of permission issues with this on the Facebook side, so it's just not possible in the current configuration.
2011.05.11 | 1.47 pm

I'm attending DrupalCamp Twin Cities, May 20-21, 2011 

2011.02.16 | 5.20 pm

Welcome Home.  Here's what our unregulated America will look like!

We have to STOP wasting our money on agencies like the EPA, what they hell are they doing besides wasting our money?  Please take a look at the photo and realize what will happen.  We will have no protection, no recourse, no air to breath.  

Can we afford the EPA?  Can we afford NOT to EPA!

2011.01.28 | 1.05 am

The last few weeks have been cold, and brought visitors. There are thousands of them, flocking all around our building.  Why?

2011.01.25 | 12.57 am

Like anything in life it was ups and downs today with the new operating system.  There was no chance to use during work today, but afterwards, I took some time to get the docking station and huge monitor working.  It actually worked for a while, but in the end, I could not get it to dock and undock with the big monitor on my desk at work. 

2011.01.24 | 8.53 am

Installed a new hard drive over the weekend, and added Ubuntu to my laptop.  This has been in the plans for a long time, but this weekend I finally got the time to get it done!  So much faster than XP, and running a 64 bit environment now.  Maybe now I can keep up with the blogging?